Hi,  The answer to yesterday’s question is.  IT’S NOW OR NEVER  became Elvis Presley’s second #1 hit record after he returned home from the Army in 1960.  The record was #1 for 5 weeks and was a multi-million seller.

Today’s TRIVIA TEASER question is:  Pop vocal duo Paul & Paula charted their first two hit records on the Billboard Hot 100 in the Top 10.  Their first hit was of course their #1 hit record  HEY PAULA  which charted in December of 1963.  Their follow-up record in early 1963 became a #6 hit on the Hot 100, can you name the song?

Leave your answer in the comment box or check back tomorrow for the answer.

Till the next time—Joe


2 thoughts on “TRIVIA TEASER-411

  1. Hi Joe . Paul and Paula’s follow-up was”Young Lovers”. Looking forward to your new Doo-Wop feature, Joe. Best Wishes. Mike.

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