Hi,  The answer to TRIVIA TEASER-442 is:  THE PEPPERMINT TWIST  was a big hit in 1961 for  Joey Dee & the Starliters and Danny Peppermint and the Jumping Jacks.  They were different songs with the same title.

Today’s TRIVIA TEASER question is:  In 1970 former Beatle, George Harrison charted his first hit as a solo artist.  Can you name his classic #1 hit record?

Leave your answer in the comment box or check back on TRIVIA TEASER-444 for the correct answer.

Till the next time—Joe


2 thoughts on “TRIVIA TEASER-443

  1. I find it interesting that in the ever-changing cast of Joey Dee’s Starlighters there were a couple guys you may remember….little Joe Pesci on guitar for about a year, and a guitarist you may recalll…..Jimi Hendricks…Jimi then had a different stage name….

    Jerry (Indiana)

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