One of the classic introductions on a pop single record belongs to Dee Clark on his million-selling hit single,  RAINDROPS  on Vee-Jay Records in 1961.  The “thunder” at the beginning leads us to a brilliant vocal performance by Dee Clark.  The sad tale of love gone wrong became a huge hit in the spring of 1961.  The single charted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and crossed over to the Billboard R&B chart, at #3.  The single became his biggest hit record and his only single to become a Top 10 hit on both the Pop and R&B charts.

Dee Clark was born Delecta Clark on November 7, 1938 in Blytheville, Arkansas.  He was rasised in Chicago, Illinois and passed away in December of 1990, at the age of 52.  Some of his great hits are:  NOBODY BUT YOU-#3 R&B, #21 POP…JUST KEEP IT UP-#9 R&B, #18 POP…HEY LITTLE GIRL-#2 R&B, #20 POP and  HOW ABOUT THAT-#10 R&B, #33 POP.

Dee Clark and his wonderful music are reminders of the great tunes that are a part of the era known as, “THE GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”.


Dee Clark – Raindrops – 1961

Till the next time—Joe



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