The Genies are an R&B vocal group from Brooklyn, New York.  Members included:  Roy Hammond lead vocal, Claude Johnson, Bill Gains, Alexander Faison and Fred Jones.  Claude (Juan) Johnson and Roland (Don) Trone would later become the duo of  Don & Juan and record the classic…WHAT’S YOUR NAME  in 1962 on Big Top Records.

The Genies originated in 1956 on Long Beach, Long Island, New York.  In 1958 while they were singing, a man gave them his card…the man was Bob Shad, President of Shad Records in New York.  The meeting led to an audition and a recording contract.  The result of that was their classic hit recording of…WHO’S THAT KNOCKING  on Shad Records.  Almost a year later the record was released.  The single made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on March 30, 1959 (Shad Records 5002).  The Genies recording charted at #71 on the Hot 100 and remained on the chart for six weeks.  The flip side of the single…THE FIRST TIME  did not chart.

The Genies would play the Apollo Theatre with the top R&B groups of the day,  The Channels and The Cadillacs.  The Genies recorded one single…NO MORE KNOCKIN’  for Hollywood Records and three more singles for Morty Craft’s, Warwick Records.  Although singles were released through 1961, the group actually broke up by 1959.

The Genies one hit record…WHO’S THAT KNOCKING  has become an oldies radio favorite and is a doo-wop classic, a big hit from the, “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”.  The group went their separate ways after spliting…Alexander drove truck in Long Beach…Roy went on to a solo R&B career as Roy C…Claude became half of Don & Juan.  Bill Gains went to Canada with a girl and Fred Jones wound up in Brooklyn.


Who’s That Knocking

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