When I first heard this song as a kid in 1958, I thought I was hearing a new Nat “King” Cole record.  The man at the record shop told me it was Earl Grant…I bought the single and played it over and over.

Earl Grant was born on January 20, 1933 in Idabelle, Oklahoma.  He was a singer/songwriter/pianist who was as confortable recording an instrumental as a vocal.  His hugh 1958 recording of…THE END  on Decca Records made its Billboard Hot 100 debut on September 15, 1958.   The ballad…a true classic love song was all over AM radio and climbed to #7 on the Hot 100.  The single was on the Hot 100 for 19 weeks, a long time for a single record in the late 50s.  The flip-side of the record was…HUNKY DUNKY DOO  an uptempo tune, it did not chart.

Earl would chart just one Hot 100, Top 10 hit.  He would chart five other Hot 100 songs between 1959 and 1965.  His 1960 recording of…HOUSE OF BAMBOO  received air-play, but only charted at #88.  The song has become one of his better know hits along with…SWINGIN’ GENTLY  an instrumental tune that charted at #44 on the Hot 100.

His classic recording of…THE END  has received little air-play on oldies radio.  What a shame, because the song is still popular with 1950s music fans…a slow-dance favorite.  The song received many wonderful comments when I featured it on my Facebook page a few months ago.

Sadly, Earl Grant died in a car crash in June of 1970 at the age of 37.  THE LOST GOLD JUKEBOX IS PROUD TO PRESENT…EARL GRANT…SINGING HIS SOLID GOLD 1959 CLASSIC…”THE END”

The End

Till the next time—Joe


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