Born on August 10, 1928 in Plainview, Texas…country singer Jimmy Dean recorded some big pop hits in the 1960s.  In 1961 he became a household word on the Billboard Hot 100 when his multi-million selling…BIG BAD JOHN  on Columbia Records became a #1 Hot 100, #1 Adult Contemporary and #1 C&W hit.

In March of 1962 he was back in the Top 10 with a song based on the sinking of President John F. Kennedy’s torpedo boat on August 2, 1943…the…P.T. 109.  Jimmy Dean’s hit record charted at #8 on the Hot 100 and remained on the chart for 11 weeks.  The P.T. 109 would be his last pop, Top 10 hit.  The flip side of the record was…WALK ON, BOY  it did not chart.

The record was a radio favorite…President Kennedy was very popular during this time and the song was a natural.  Oldies radio has forgotten about this classic, Jimmy Dean’s second biggest pop hit.  Here is a slice of pure gold…”LOST GOLD”…JIMMY DEAN…SINGING HIS HUGE 1962 HIT RECORD…”P.T. 109″

Jimmy Dean – PT109

Till the next time—Joe


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