Elvis Presley as everyone knows is the most successful recording artist of all-time.  His hits have graced the Billboard Pop charts since March of 1956…that’s when…HEARTBREAK HOTEL / I WAS THE ONE  made their Billboard Top 100 debut.  Elvis has charted 153 single records on the Billboard Top 100 and Hot 100 alone.  He is the “King Of Rock and Roll”…no other artist comes close.  Elvis is ranked…#1 in the 1950s…#2 in the 1960s…#12 in the 1970s and #1 All-Time by chart expert…Joel Whitburn…in his “Top Pop Singles 12th Edition”, Record Research book.

In 1956 singer/songwriter Titus Turner…(SOUND-OFF 1961) wrote the R&B song…TELL ME WHY.  The song was first a local hit by Marie Knight, on the Mercury subsidiary, Wing Records.  The song was a local hit in New Orleans and Texas.  In 1956 the song was covered by Gale Storm on Dot Records and reached #52 on the Billboard Top 100.  The song also became a hit for The Crew-Cuts on Mercury Records, charting at #45.

Elvis Presley recorded…TELL ME WHY…on January 12, 1957 but the single was not released at that time.   The single was released in late 1965 and on January 1, 1966 that 1957 recording made its Billboard Hot 100 debut.  The single charted at #33 on the Hot 100 and remained on the chart for 7 weeks.  The flip-side of the record…BLUE RIVER…charted on the same day and became a #95 hit on the Hot 100.  Sales of…TELL ME WHY / BLUE RIVER  were over 1 million copies sold, Elvis was awarded yet another “Gold Record”.  How many artists could have a song in the vaults for almost 9 years, release the recording and sell a million copies?  One comes to mind Elvis Presley.

Elvis’s soulful version of this wonderful song made it the classic it is…wonder just how high it would have charted if it was released in the 1950s…my guess #1!!!!

Joe Troiano’s Blog, the “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL” is proud to present…ELVIS PRESLEY…singing both sides of his 1966 million seller…”TELL ME WHY”  and  “BLUE RIVER”.


Tell Me Why

Blue River

Till the next time—Joe