Vanity Fare is a pop group from England.  Members included, Trevor Brice-vocals, Tony Goulden, Barry Landeman, Tony Jarrett and Dick Allix.  The group charted their first hit in the UK in 1968 with a cover of The Sunray’s 1965 hit…I LIVE FOR THE SUN.

Their first hit in the US charted on November 22, 1969 on the Billboard Hot 100…EARLY IN THE MORNING  on Page One Records became a #12 hit on the Hot 100 and a #8 hit on the UK Singles Chart, their biggest hit in England.  The single sold over 1 million copies and the group was awarded a “Gold Record”.

On March 21, 1970 their biggest hit on the Hot 100 made its debut…HITCHIN’ A RIDE  charted at #5 and remained on the Hot 100 for 22 weeks.  The single was a big hit in the UK, charting at #16 on the UK Singles Chart.  Vanity Fare was awarded their second “Gold Record” when sales of the single went over 1 million.

In August of 1970 a third single…(I Remember) SUMMER MORNING  charted,  reaching only #98 on the Hot 100.  It would be the groups last charted hit in the US.  Vanity Fare’s two hits have held up well over the years, being favorites on oldies radio and of music fans of the 1970s.  Their time on the Billboard Music charts was short, but the music lives on. The “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL” is happy to feature their two big hit records.

Early In The Morning – 1969

Hitchin’ A Ride – 1970

Till the next time—Joe



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