She was born…Gloria Jeanne Black on October 25, 1937 in Pomona, California.  Jeanne is a country-pop singer.  In 1960 she recorded her biggest hit record…the answer song to Jim Reeves…HE’LL HAVE TO GO.

On May 2, 1960 Jeanne charted…HE’LL HAVE TO STAY  on Capitol Records (Capitol 4368).  The single was a huge hit, answer songs were popular in the day.  Her wonderful vocal and the huge success of Jim Reeves classic, made Jeanne’s version huge in its own right.  HE’LL HAVE TO STAY  charted at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remained on the chart for 11 weeks.  The record became a #6 hit on the C&W chart and charted at #11 on the Billboard R&B chart.  The single crossed over the Atlantic and charted at #41 on the UK Singles Chart.  Jeanne Black’s record sold over 1 million-copies and she was awarded a “Gold Record”.

She charted two more hits in 1960 on the Hot 100.  Her follow-up to…HE’LL HAVE TO STAY  charted on July 25, 1960…LISA  became a #43 hit record, remaining on the Hot 100 for 9 weeks.  On December 26, 1960 she charted…OH, HOW I MISS YOU TONIGHT.  The single became a #63 hit and became her last Billboard Hot 100 record.

Jeanne Black was on the Hot 100 chart for less than a year, but in that time she charted three hits…the “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL” brings her smash hit from 1960 along with the original song…HE’LL HAVE TO GO  by Jim Reeves…great sounds from the 1960’s.

Jeanne Black He’ll Have To Stay – #4 Pop Hit Charted 5/20/60

Jim Reeves – He’ll Have To Go –  #2 Pop, #1 C&W Charted 12/28/59

Till the next time—Joe



    • Hi JoAnn…Jeanne Blacks “He’ll Have To Stay” is the answer song to Jim Reeves “He’ll Have To Go”…she did have a follow-up hit in July of 1960…”Lisa”. Thanks, Joe

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