Dion DiMucci from the Bronx, New York recorded these sides with The Timberlanes in 1957 on Mohawk Records.  The Timberlanes recorded  HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS  in 1956 on Dragon Records.  Irving Spice, an arranger and cocktail lounge pianist was the owner of Mohawk Records.

He paired Dion with The Timberlanes to record  THE CHOSEN FEW / OUT IN COLORADO  (Mohawk 105)  in 1957.  The recording received much air play in the east in the spring of 1957 and was soon leased to Jubilee Records for better national distribution.  The single failed to chart nationally.

Dion and Irving Spice both decided that Dion should be backed by a rock & roll group with a doo-wop street-corner sound instead of the smooth sounding Timberlanes.  The rest, is history.  Dion & The Belmonts were formed and by 1958 they were on their way to recording a string of hits that put them at the top of the pop charts.

Here is Dion & The Timberlanes,  and the original recordings on Mohawk Records from 1957….history…just the beginning!!!

Dion & The Timberlanes – The Chosen Few

Dion & The Timberlanes – Out In Colorado

Till the next time—Joe


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