The Applejacks were a studio band led by Dave Appell.  He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 24, 1922.  He also co-produced all of Tony Orlando & Dawns hits.

In September of 1958 The Applejacks charted their first Billboard Top 100, Top 40 hit,  “MEXICAN HAT ROCK”.  The song is an adaptation of the 1919 song “Mexican Hat Dance”.  The single record was released on Cameo Records (149).  The flip-side is “STOP! RED LIGHT”.  The “MEXICAN HAT ROCK” became a big instrumental hit…charting at #16 and remaining on the Top 100 for 15 weeks.

The Applejacks would follow-up in December of 1958 with another Top 40 hit…”ROCKA-CONGA” (Cameo 155)  The single would chart at #38 and have a 10 week run on the Billboard Hot 100.  One more hit would follow.  In February of 1959…”BUNNY HOP” (Cameo 158), would make its debut and reach #70 on the Hot 100.

We are happy to feature these wonderful instrumental favorites by…THE APPLEJACKS…big hits from the “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”

Mexican Hat Rock


Till the next time—Joe


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