The early years of Rock and Roll produced some of the greatest music of the rock era…how many of these question do you know the answer to….ready, set, begin:

1–The female pop group…The Angels charted their first Billboard Hot 100, Top 20 hit in 1961…Can you name the song?

2–Paul Anka recorded his early hit records for this legendary record label?

3–Annette (Funicello) charted 2 Billboard Hot 100, Top 10 hits, the first is TALL PAUL in 1959.  Can you name her second Top 10 hit record (1960)?

4–This song became a #6 hit record on the Billboard Hot 100 and a #1 Billboard R&B hit in 1960 for Hank Ballard And The Midnighters?

5–In 1957 Pat Boone charted a record that would become his longest charted hit at #1 (7 weeks), it would also be his longest charting single record at 34 weeks on the Billboard music charts…can you name the song?

6–Arlene Smith, Sonia Goring, Rene Minus, Jackie Landry and Lois Harris formed this legendary female vocal group…Can you name them?

7–Chubby Checker charted…THE TWIST at #1 twice, once in 1960 and the second time in 1961.  Can you name his other #1 hit record, it is also from 1961?

8–Before Bobby Darin charted his classic recording of…MACK THE KNIFE- #1 in 1959 he charted another classic that just missed #1…peaking at #2.  Can you name the song?

9–The Dell-Vikings charted 2 Billboard Top 100, Top 10 hits in 1957 on Dot Records…the first is the classic…COME GO WITH ME-#4…can you name the second record, it charted at #9?

10-This legendary Fats Domino classic became a #2 hit on the Billboard Top 100 in 1956 and a #1 Billboard R&B hit for 11 weeks in 1956.  Can you name the song?

11-This question has two parts…1-What are the first names of The Everly Brothers?  2-Can you name their first #1 hit record?

12-Fabian charted his first hit record in January of 1959 on Chancellor Records…Can you name that song?

13-The Five Satins second hit record made its Billboard Top 100 debut on July 22, 1957 and became a #25 hit record…Can you name this classic recording?

14-She is pop music’s #1 female vocalist from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s…who is she?

15-This recording became Bill Haley And His Comets first Billboard pop, Top 10 hit in late 1954.  The single record charted at #7 and remained on the Billboard charts for 27…Can you name their classic hit record?

16-This wonderful R&B classic by Roy Hamilton, made its Billboard Top 100 debut on January 13, 1958.  The record charted at #13 and remained on the Top 100 for 16 weeks.  Can you name this Roy Hamilton rocker?

17-This song by Ronnie Hawkins was about a girl who stole his “Cadillac car…jumped in his Caddy and drove it far”.  The record charted in August of 1959 and became his biggest hit single record…at #26.  Can you name the song?

18-What Ricky Nelson classic was the first #1 hit record on Billboard’s first Hot 100 chart (Pop Chart) on August 4, 1958?

19-This Platters classic, charted on December 17, 1955 on the Billboard Pop chart…the record became a #1 hit on the pop chart, it crossed over and became their biggest #1 hit on the Billboard R&B chart, holding the #1 spot for 11 weeks.  Can you name this Platters classic?

20-This Elvis Presley classic from 1956 became his fifth #1 hit single record of the year.  The record charted on October 20, 1956.  It was a Pop #1 hit for 5 weeks and remained on the pop chart for 23 weeks…the song is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has sales of over 5 million copies…Can you name the song?

21-This Lloyd Price classic from 1959 earned him his “nickname”…Can you name the song and his “nickname”?

22-In October of 1959 this Bobby Rydell record began its climb up the Billboard Hot 100…it would become his first Top 10 hit single record (#6) and remain on the Hot 100 for 17 weeks.  Can you name the song?

23-In 1957 Billy Ward And His Dominoes charted two Top 20 hit single records of songs that were both considered “standards”…Can you name them?

24-This song by Johnny Burnette became his first charted hit record in July of 1960…Can you name the song?

25-Buddy Knox charted three hit single records in 1957.  This song was his third hit of the year and became his second, Billboard Top 10 single of the year…can you name the song?


Till the next time—Joe


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