The Schoolboys are an R&B / Doo-Wop vocal group from Harlem, New York.  Members included Leslie Martin, James Edwards, Roger Hayes, James McKay and Renaldo Gambie.

On February 16, 1957 The Schoolboys charted one side of their double-sided hit on the Billboard Top 100…SHIRLEY, climbed the Top 100 to #91.  The single record also charted on the Billboard R&B chart on February 23, 1957 and went to #15.  The Schoolboys hit was recorded on the Okeh Records label (7076).  The ballad side of the record is…PLEASE SAY YOU WANT ME…it charted on March 23, 1957 on the Billboard R&B chart, peaking at #13.  The song did not chart on the Top 100.  The single record would become the groups only national hit record.  Both sides of this classic single record are considered Doo-Wop classics.

The Golden Era Of Rock And Roll is pleased to present both sides of this wonderful record for you to enjoy…the great hits…from the greatest era in pop music…The “GOLDEN ERA OF ROCK AND ROLL”.

The Schoolboys – Please Say You Want Me-1957

The Schoolboys – Shirley-1957

Till the next time—Joe


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