Patti Page was born on November 8, 1927 in Muskogee, OK. She was raised in Tulsa, OK. Her birth name was Clara Ann Fowler. She appeared on KTUL radio with Al Klauser and His Oklahomans, as Ann Fowler, in the late 1940’s. Another singer was billed as “Patti Page” for the Page Milk Company the sponsor of the show. When she left, Fowler took her place and name and became Patti Page. She sang with the Jimmy Joy Band in 1947. On the Breakfast Club, Chicago radio also in 1947.

She was signed by Mercury Records and began charting hit records in 1948 with her recording of CONFESS. That single record would become a #12 hit on the Billboard chart. Her first #1 hit would chart in 1950 with her recording of ALL MY LOVE and later that year her classic recording of the TENNESSEE WALTZ would become the biggest recording of her long career.

She would continue to have hit records into the rock era, becomming the #1 Female Artist of the 1950’s….hits such as…LET ME GO, LOVER 1954, ALLEGHANY MOON 1956, a #2 hit and her 1957 classic….OLD CAPE COD a #3 hit would keep her music on radio with Elvis and all the other rock artists of the day. In 1958 she was back in the Top 10 with….LEFT RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HEART a #9 hit on the Top 100. In 1965 Patti charted her last Billboard Hot 100….Top 10 hit, HUSH, HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE a #8 hit, from the movie of the same name, starring Bette Davis.

In her career she charted 110 hits…landing on the Billboard Pop Singles chart, Adult Contemporary chart and the Country charts. She recorded 16 gold single records, 1 platinum (Tennessee Waltz) and sold over 100 million records. Patti used a multi-voice effect on her recordings….sounding different from other artists of her era. She even had her own TV series, THE PATTI PAGE SHOW 1955-1958 and THE BIG RECORD, 1957-1958. She was in the 1960 movie ELMER GANTRY.

To say she was a big recording star would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean is a lake….Disc Jockey, Jack Palvino of radio station WBBF in Rochester, NY dubbed her…”The Singing Rage Of The Atomic Age”. She continued to chart pop hits into 1970 and country hits into 1982.

Patti passed away on January 1, 2013 at the age of 85…she may be gone, but her legend lives…her music will live on forever…for she was truly one of a kind…the waltz queen…PATTI PAGE.

patti page

Till the next time—Joe


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