570824_Ricky_Nelson_You_re_My_One_And_Only_LoveRicky Nelson’s became a pop recording star in May of 1957 with the release of his first hit record…”A TEENAGER’S ROMANCE” AND “I’M WALKING” on Verve Records (10047). I’M WALKING was a cover of the Fats Domino hit on Imperial Records, but Ricky gave it his own R&R sound.

Ricky’s charted both sides of his first record…”A TEENAGER’S ROMANCE” charted at #2 on the Billboard Pop Chart and “I’M WALKING” charted at #4. His follow-up record entered the Billboard Pop Chart on August 26, 1957…the ballad, “YOU’RE MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE” on Verve Records (10070) would also become a big hit, charting at #14 and remaining on the Pop chart for 12 weeks. The female voice on the record is Gloria Wood. This would be Ricky’s last record on Verve Records. He signed a long term contract with Imperial Records where he would become one of the biggest recording artists of the early years of Rock and Roll and all time.

The flip side of “YOU’RE MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE” was an instrumental tune…”HONEY ROCK” by Barney Kessel, who was the band leader on Ricky’s recording. Ricky did not have another side recorded for Verve Records because he was moving to Imperial Records, so Verve put the single out with Barney Kessel on the “B” side…because Ricky was very popular and the label wanted another hit. “HONEY ROCK” a good record, did not chart.

We are proud to bring both sides of this wonderful 1957 recording to you to enjoy…


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