570824_Ricky_Nelson_You_re_My_One_And_Only_LoveRicky Nelson’s became a pop recording star in May of 1957 with the release of his first hit record…”A TEENAGER’S ROMANCE” AND “I’M WALKING” on Verve Records (10047). I’M WALKING was a cover of the Fats Domino hit on Imperial Records, but Ricky gave it his own R&R sound.

Ricky’s charted both sides of his first record…”A TEENAGER’S ROMANCE” charted at #2 on the Billboard Pop Chart and “I’M WALKING” charted at #4. His follow-up record entered the Billboard Pop Chart on August 26, 1957…the ballad, “YOU’RE MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE” on Verve Records (10070) would also become a big hit, charting at #14 and remaining on the Pop chart for 12 weeks. The female voice on the record is Gloria Wood. This would be Ricky’s last record on Verve Records. He signed a long term contract with Imperial Records where he would become one of the biggest recording…

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