Hello,  The Imaginations never charted a national hit record, but the group has remained a favorite with doo-wop music lovers.  Two of their songs are listed in the Top 1,000 Doo-Wop Song Of All Time, by Gribin and Schiff in their best-selling book, “The Complete Book Of Doo-Wop.  Those two songs are:  “HEY YOU”-1961 and “THE SEARCH IS OVER”-1961.

Original members of the group included, Frank Mancuso, lead vocals…Bobby Bloom…Philip Agtuca…Pete Agtuca…and…Richie LaCausi.  The Imaginations formed in Long Island, New York.  On March 7, 1961 at Music Makers Studio on West 57th Street in Manhattan, the group recorded…HEY YOU…NEVER LET YOU GO…THE SEARCH IS OVER…AND…GOODNIGHT BABY.  A few months later they were back in the studio and recorded,  GUARDIAN ANGEL  and  MYSTERY TO YOU.  Their first single record was,  GOODNIGHT BABY/ THE SEARCH IS OVER  on Music Makers Records, the single was popular locally, but did not chart.  Their second single…

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