Denise [Stereo]Kopie_van_Randy_and_the_Rainbows_fHi, Randy & The Rainbows are a doo-wop group from the Queens, New York. Members included, Dominick “Randy” Safuto-lead, his brother Frank Safuto, brothers Mike and Sal Zero and Ken Arcipowski. The group was originally known as Jr. And The Counts. They formed in 1962 and a year later recorded their biggest hit of all, “DENISE”.

On June 15, 1963 Randy & The Rainbows entered the Billboard Hot 100 with their timeless classic, “Denise” on the Rust Records label. The record became a big hit nationally, charting at #18 on the R&B chart and #10 on the Hot 100. “Denise” charted for 17 weeks and was a DJ radio favorite. The groups follow-up single started off on a roll but soon slowed down, “WHY DO KIDS GROW UP” just broke the Hot 100 at #97. It was their last Hot 100 hit.

They continued to perform and toured…

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