Hello,  Smokey Robinson and The Miracles are one of the biggest groups of the 1960s and with Smokey singing lead the group charted 42 Billboard Hot 100 hits and 39 Billboard R&B hits between 1959 and 1972.  When Smokey Robinson left for a solo career in 1973 the lead vocals were taken over by Billy Griffin.  With him on lead The Miracles charted 4 Hot 100 hits and 9 R&B hits between 1973 and 1978.

The Miracles are from Detroit, Michigan.  The line-up included…Smokey Robinson on lead, Claudette Rogers, Bobby Rogers, Ronnie White and Warren Moore.  Claudette Rogers retired in 1964, she was married to Smokey Robinson from 1958-1986.  Smokey wrote many of the groups hits and wrote hits for other Motown artists.

In October of 1959 The Miracles charted their first record, a minor hit on the Billboard Hot 100…BAD GIRL  on the Chess Records label.  The single made it to…

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