Rock & Roll Classics–JACK SCOTT–“MY TRUE LOVE” & “LEROY”


Hello,  On June 9, 1958 the great Jack Scott made his first Billboard Top 100 chart appearance with his classic hit “LEROY” on the Carlton Records label.  “Leroy” was not the original title of the song, it was “GREASEBALL”.  The record label thought the title would be inappropriate for the time and changed the title to “Leroy”.  The song was about a guy who was always in trouble and getting thrown in jail.  With his vocal backing group the Chantones, Jack became one of the biggest and consistent hit makers of the late 1950’s and the early 1960’s.

“Leroy” began its climb up through the Top 100 where it would enjoy an 18 week stay on the chart and would peak at #11.  Sometime after “Leroy” was moving up the chart a dee-jay flipped the record over and discovered the classic ballad, “MY TRUE LOVE”.  In no-time at all, it too was getting…

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